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Conscious Parent Coaching

Are you ready to go from correction to connection with your kids? Come join me on a journey that uses a revolutionary method that combines eastern wisdom and western psychology developed by International Author, wisdom teacher and world renowned psychologistDr. Shefali Tsabary and her Conscious Coaching Institute.  


So, here's the truth-You can't teach your child to be someone you don't yet know how to be. 


Conscious Parenting begins with the parent. 

What is Conscious Parenting:
  • Traditional parenting’s main focus is the child, whereas Conscious Parenting’s main focus is the parent.

  • The traditional parenting paradigm focuses on discipline and rewards, whereas Conscious Parenting’s focus is based on connection with the child, parent's healing themselves, and becoming more present and aware. 

  • Traditional Parenting uses high levels of control where as Conscious Parenting uses high levels of introspection and self-awareness.

  • Traditional Parenting sees the child as a subordinate being who needs to be fixed and molded, whereas Conscious Parenting sees the child as the guide.

The Process:
  • Being coached is a transformative experience. It is gentle and thought-provoking. You will begin to see all of your patterns and conditioned behaviors more clearly. You will become aware of your triggers and learn techniques to cultivate peace and equanimity, not only in relationships with your kids, but in every relationship in your life.​

  • Coaching is not long term endeavour, unlike traditional therapies, it seeks to teach the parent to be their own guide.  


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