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Conscious Coaching

After years of being a behavior therapist and always looking at the world from the external point of view, I began a significant study and experienced my own growth through Consciousness. I began to see life changing results from looking within.


With an open mind to adapt to change and share my evolution, I decided to adjust my sails and change the focus of my work from not only the external, but to incorporate the mind, body and spirit. I now work as a life coach and incorporate my behavioral training as I have seen first-hand the lasting results that people can achieve with the help of an experienced caring guide using proven tools to help them to make the changes they seek.

Living in a world where we are conditioned from birth to become what our family, culture, and community dictates, our sense of self has been lost.  Our truessence has been hijacked.  Conscious Coaching will explore the patterns and ways in which external ideologies of life stemming from culture religion, beauty, sexuality, marriage, has modified who it is you truly are.  As you begin to unravel the layers of your past to understand yourself in the present, you will begin to see a shift towards who it is you truly are. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, we will not ruminate in the past, however we will touch elements of the past which bring into light how the past affects who it is you are in the present.  As you become more in touch with your truessence and shift your perspective to one beyond the constraints of your history, what is left is an individual who is satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships, work, and in simply being alive. You are then free to achieve and excel in all areas of life.

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