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My Approach

As a daughter, mother, wife, woman and life coach, I have learned that these titles and labels are not what define the authentic self.  It's a cover, a mask for discovering who it is we truly are.   My approach to well-being interfaces the combination of eastern philosophy with western psychology and I am here to lead you to discover your truEssence.   

I am committed to working with families and individuals who are ready and motivated to embark on nurturing their true essence of who it is they are. I will coach you to look within to find your own answers, mentor you with my experience, and train you with skills, tools, and a vast array of resources.  We will walk the path together and develop a toolbox of wisdom through the research and teachings of people like Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Dan Siegal, Dr.  Gabor Mate and other wisdom teachers who encourage the use of positive, compassionate, communicative, and conscious strategies. From my previous experience as a Clinician, Staff Trainer and Clinical Supervisor until now as a Conscious Coach, I have trained and coached clinical teams and clinicians from various backgrounds and disciplines.  Through this experience, I have mentored countless people to go beyond the path of where they were in their lives, and to help them to see that they can transform themselves.  I will coach you to find your own answers from within and stop looking externally.  I am ready to build a connection with you towards your authentic self transformation and truEssence.

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