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Meet Ferzin Patel

Certified Conscious Coach and Behavior Therapist

Welcome to my world of passion and purpose! I am here to help YOU find yours.


If you are someone yearning to live and love with greater authenticity then you are in the right place.  My expertise in clinical psychology and over two decades in mental and behavioral health have poised me to help lead you toward your greatest heights.  

As a Certified Conscious Coach Practitioner from the Conscious Coaching Institute™ with extensive training with Dr. Shefali, I now focus my practice on mindfulness, consciousness, and the transformative teachings of Conscious Parenting™. Let's embark on a journey together.  I cannot wait to work with you and help you discover your greatest purpose and joy. 

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Discover the Art of Balanced Living

Craft Your Vision
Shape Your Discourse
Embrace Your Mission

Elevate your journey to conscious living today!

Meet Ferzin

Why Conscious Coaching?

It can help with

Why Conscious Coaching
Succulent Plant

It provides a foundation for authentic and meaningful connections, facilitating healthier relationships.


Navigate parenting complexities with conscious living, fostering a deeper connection between parents and children.

Stress Management

Boost mental well-being and resilience through self-awareness and mindfulness practices for effective stress management.

Personal Development

Catalyze self-discovery and growth, aligning actions with values and purpose through conscious living.

Work-Life Balance

Achieve harmony in work and life, reducing burnout and enhancing overall satisfaction by prioritizing values.

Emotional Regulation

Develop emotional composure and control with practical techniques from conscious living, responding to challenges with understanding.

What Clients Say

Dr Shefali headshot

Dr. Shefali, Ph.D.

NY Times Best-selling author

Watch out world! There couldn’t be a more brilliant coach than Ferzin! You will soar! And allow others the same.

Image by Christopher Campbell



Receiving conscious coaching from Ferzin is transformative. She's among the best in the field, instrumental in my growth as an individual, therapist, and coach. 

Image by Ashton Bingham

Philip Thomas

Father and husband

Ferzin Patel is an amazing coach who will guide you to the light that is within you. I am forever grateful to have been guided by Ferzin to see the true essence of who I am.

Coaching Services

Want to see if we’re a good fit?

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Start Your Conscious Journey Here

257 South Middletown Rd, 2nd Flr

Nanuet, NY 10954

(845) 367-7454

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