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Explore heartfelt testimonials from individuals who have embarked on their unique journeys with Ferzin. Feel the power of shared experiences, and discover how conscious living has touched lives.

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Watch out world! There couldn’t be a more brilliant coach than Ferzin! She will help you find your authentic self and soar. You are in great hands under her expertise.

NY Times Best-selling author,

Founder of the Conscious Coaching Institute

and International Speaker

Diana, Mother

"Receiving conscious coaching is transformative. But working with Ferzin is working with one of the best in the field. She has been instrumental in my growth and awareness as an individual, a therapist, and a coach. I have healed parts of myself that I didn’t know I needed to heal. As a result, I have more inner peace today than I have ever had. Conscious coaching is the path to inner peace and healing."

Sneha Bhatt, Mother, Chicago, USA

"Ferzin is a skilled coach who has been instrumental in my personal growth to consciousness and healing journey. Her expert gentle guidance led me to heal deep childhood wounds, rediscover my authentic self, and reparent myself in a transformative way. Through her coaching and guidance, I found belief in my own power and light, realizing that I am enough at any given point in time. Ferzin continually brings fresh perspectives to cyclical challenges, showing me new paths and beginnings. Her guidance using Conscious Parenting (CP) tools and insight have truly made a remarkable difference in my life. Having a highly skilled, deeply compassionate, supportive, and insightful coach like Ferzin helped me find myself, my abundance, and create my “home” within my inner landscape.I highly recommend Ferzin for anyone seeking profound personal transformation and seeking to elevate themselves to consciousness."

Philip Thomas, IL, U.S.

"Ferzin Patel is an amazing coach who will guide you to the light that is within you. She is very patient and supportive throughout my healing process without making me feel shame or guilt. I am forever grateful to have been guided by Ferzin to see the true essence of who I am. I encourage everyone to consider Ferzin Patel as their coach/guide who has any history of trauma or going through a trauma to heal from it and become whole. She is the best!"

Dr. Andrea Sweet, Mother, San Francisco, CA

"Working with Ferzin during the Conscious Parenting Coaching process has been invaluable. This safe space allowed me the capacity for greater reflection, introspection, and overall understanding. As a Conscious Parenting coach Ferzin embodies what I feel is at the core of this relationship - the ability to understand and share the feelings of the other."

Aman, London, UK

"I saw Ferzin 2 years ago when I was on a journey of exploring who I was. I thought I had come a long way on my healing journey, but when I started seeing Ferzin, I realized that I had only scrapped the surface and we needed to delve deeper for my inner healing. 


I worked with Ferzin for a few months, and every time we met, we uncovered more about my past, and she helped me see how I was living on a story. In our sessions, we discovered that I would get caught up in the story and not know how to move away from it. Ferzin gave me tools to step out of my monkey mind and rationalize what was happening within me. 

Ferzin shared many tools with me which helped me connect with myself and return home. I am very grateful for the work Ferzin does and highly recommend her to a time who is on the journey of self discovery."

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