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Ferzin Patel, M.A.

All About Me

Welcome to my journey in empowering lives! I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Clark University and a Master’s in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. With over 20 years in Mental and Behavioral Health, including roles as a Clinical Supervisor in Manhattan, my path evolved as I embraced motherhood.


Driven by a quest for wisdom in parenting, I became a Certified Conscious Coach Practitioner through training with Dr. Shefali. As a coaching ambassador for the Conscious Coaching Institute™, my passion focuses on Mindfulness, Consciousness, and the advocacy of Conscious Parenting™.


In my current practice, I guide individuals and families, addressing diverse issues from parenting to life transitions.

Coaching Areas Include

Navigating life's challenges together. From parenting and mental health to career, relationships, and unique family needs. Your journey is supported.


Cultivate conscious, resilient families with personalized guidance for effective and mindful parenting.

Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD)

Navigate mental health challenges with compassionate support for healing and thriving.

Relationship Challenges

Overcome difficulties, enhance communication, and foster deeper connections in your relationships.

Life Transitions & Self-Esteem

Navigate life changes, build resilience, and boost self-esteem through personalized coaching.

Eating Issues & OCD

Foster a positive relationship with food and manage obsessive thoughts for a healthier, balanced life.

Career & Professional Issues

Thrive professionally with strategic guidance, empowering you to achieve success and satisfaction.

Stress & ADHD/ADD

Manage stress, improve focus, and thrive with personalized strategies for ADHD/ADD support.

Healing from Sexual Abuse

Reclaim your power and embark on a journey of healing from the impacts of sexual abuse.

Exploring Spirituality

Deepen your spiritual connection and explore your unique spiritual journey with personalized guidance.

Grief & Bereavement

Navigate the complexities of grief, find support, and discover strategies for coping and healing.

Interfaith Marriage & Culture Integration

Foster understanding and harmony in interfaith marriages, embracing diverse cultural backgrounds.

Special Needs Family Support

Receive compassionate guidance and practical support in navigating the unique challenges of special needs families.

Want to see if we’re a good fit?

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